Understanding The Benefits Of Cleaning Services For Your Server Room

Server room environments are controlled environments with temperature regulation and air circulation that are closely monitored. Despite these proactive efforts, you still need to address routine cleaning needs in your server rooms, otherwise, you risk dust accumulation that can hinder the cooling fans in the servers and damage delicate components. Here's a look at what your cleaning service wants you to understand about how they will handle cleaning your server room.

Maintain Air Filters  

The right air filtration system keeps a lot of airborne particles from settling onto your server hardware. However, those systems are only effective as long as you keep the filters clean. If you neglect the filters, the dust has nowhere to go and will accumulate on your equipment. Replace the air filters regularly or rinse and dry them if you have reusable filters. Your cleaning service can help you find the right filters for your air filtration system and help you establish a replacement timeline.

Understand the Threats

In order to keep your server room clean and safe, you also need to understand the threats that your equipment might face. There are a number of different contaminants to be mindful of beyond just regular dust issues. Bacteria, condensation, chemical vapors, and residues can all pose problems for your server equipment and most of these threats are not preventable by air filtration. You need routine cleaning, disinfecting, and dehumidifiers to combat most of these concerns.

Establish a Routine 

Once you recognize the issues at hand for your server room, you need to talk with your cleaning service about the routine to keep things clean. Your cleaning service will come as frequently as you need. Most server room cleaning cycles start with vacuuming as many surfaces as possible. Then, use a microfiber cloth to dust the surfaces you can get to. The microfiber traps dust and keeps it from being pushed back into the air. Finally, follow up with damp mopping all of the flat surfaces and then wipe everything dry with a lint-free cloth to finish up.

Set Clear Standards

All of your cleaning efforts are important but will be negated if you do not institute standards to keep additional debris and contaminants out of your server room. Set your server room up with its own airflow system to prevent the introduction of particles from the rest of the building. Restrict food and beverages from your server room as well, and encourage your staff to wear clothing that will not leave fibers behind.

The more proactive you are about keeping your server rooms clean, the longer your equipment is likely to last. Talk with a service such as AB Solutions today about your needs.