Frequently Asked Questions About The Use Of Hand Sanitizer

The coronavirus pandemic is teaching people that the best way to stay away from illnesses is by washing their hands often. Although the World Health Organization and other government bodies have given the same message, it is a little different because of how fast the virus is spreading and its devastating impact.

However, as much as people would like to wash their hands every twenty minutes, it has become quite complex to do so in public places. This is why the government and all health workers keep encouraging the use of hand sanitizer. Here are some questions that you may have about sanitizer and its usefulness in combating COVID-19 and other diseases.

Is Hand Sanitizer Effective in Killing Coronavirus?

The CDC states that to keep coronavirus away, you need to wash your hands with soapy water. You are supposed to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. However, they also recommend that in the absence of water and soap, you can use hand sanitizer to kill the virus.

The most effective sanitizer contains more alcohol than glycerin or the other medium you choose to add to it. When you buy your sanitizer, check the packaging and the label to ensure it contains a high percentage of alcohol.

Where Can You Buy Hand Sanitizer?

The other challenge a lot of people are dealing with is where to get hand sanitizer. While it is possible to make your sanitizer if you have the main ingredients, it is not recommended because you might not know the right ratios.

Remember that ethanol is highly flammable, and if you make a mistake during the mixing, you could end up with a highly flammable substance. The best thing to do is look for sanitizers that have undergone the correct lab testing procedures and buy from a reliable supplier.

Can You Use Regular Surface Cleaners Instead Of Sanitizer to Stop Coronavirus?

Health professionals have admitted that surface cleaners such as the ones used to wash the kitchen and windows are effective in dealing with coronavirus. A lot of people, therefore, are wondering if the same can be used on the hands.

The problem with most cleaners is that they contain harsh chemicals that could cause skin damage and irritation.

It is best to buy hand sanitizer from trusted brands and suppliers. Check for stores that sell bulk hand sanitizers that have been approved by the relevant government agencies for the most effective protection against the virus.