Keeping Your Home’s Septic System In Stellar Condition

If you are a new homeowner and you use a septic system for your waste water removal, you will want to take steps in keeping it in the best of shape so you do not experience unnecessary downtime. Failing to take care of your septic with routine maintenance or using improper water waste habits can cause damage as well. Here are some steps to take to keep your septic running as it should without incident.

Get Regular Clean Outs

You may have had the septic evaluated during the inspection phase when purchasing your home. If the inspector had indicated the tank was almost full or if no one had informed you about when the septic was last cleaned out, make an appointment to have it done. At this time, ask the septic service to give you a recommendation on how frequently you should have your tank inspected and cleaned. They will take a look at the interior of the tank for any areas that need repair. The pump will be checked for wear as well as the piping leading to the collection area.

Change Usage Habits

Any water used within the home will end up in your septic tank. To limit the amount of work your septic needs to do, decrease the amount of water used in the home. Shorten your shower time and wait to wash clothing until you can run a full load. Repair any dripping faucets and running toilets. Make an effort to turn off the faucet when brushing teeth or in between washing dishes. This will help keep your tank from overfilling and backing up.

Watch What Goes Down

Never place a chemical agent in your piping system as it can alter the consistency of the matter inside your septic tank. Avoid using liquid or powdered plumbing clog solutions, and instead call a plumber to help with clogged pipes. Do not allow anything non-biodegradable to be flushed down a toilet or pushed down a sink drain. Larger items can become caught inside the pipes going to your leach field area. This has the possibility of causing an obstruction which could back up into your home. It could also cause the drainage pipes to burst, leaving your yard with a messy situation to clean up.

To learn more about your septic tank, how to care for it, and how it functions, talk to experts like those at Gordon's Septic & Water Services.