Bypass Your Water Softener When Making Repairs

If you need to use your water while you are repairing your water softener, you will need to set up a bypass. As it stands, all water is first directed through your water softener before it enters your house. In order to still use your water while doing repairs to your water softener system, you need to set up a bypass.

Understanding The Setup

In order to bypass the softener system, you need to understand how the system is set up. Your water softener should have two pipes that are connected directly to it. One of these pipes pushes water into your water softening system. This is called the inflow pipe. The other pipe carries the filtered water out of the water softening system. This is called the out the outflow pipe.

These two pipes should be connected to a third, connecting pipe. This pipe generally is located in between the outflow and inflow pipes. This is the main water supply pipe, that funnels the water into and out of the water softening system. This third pipe should have a knob or a valve attached to it.

Option #1: Turning Off Water Softener With A Knob

The knob on the third pipe should be located right before the split to the intake and outtake pipes. If it has this knob, all you need to do to bypass the water softener system is push the knob in. This will stop the water from flowing into the water softener.

Option #2: Turning Off The Water Softener With A Bypass Valve

If the third pipe does not have a knob, it may have a valve bypass system installed instead. Basically, a valve bypass system looks like the handle on your water faucet outside that you connect your hose to.

This handle should be located somewhere on the top of the connecting pipe. You will want to turn the handle counterclockwise. This will open up the connecting pipe and create a bypass.

If you see additional handles on the both the outlet and inlet pipes, you will want to turn these clockwise. This will stop the water from flowing in these pipes.

Option #3: Button On Water Softener Tank

If for some reason your system is not set up with either a knob or a bypass valve, you may want to inspect your tank. Some tanks have a button that all you need to do is press to turn off the water softener. This button will be labeled with the words "water bypass." If your system has this button, there should be directions written on the tank that explains how to use this

Option #4: Turn Off The Water Supply

This option really is a last resort. When you turn off the supply to your house, you will not have any water to use while you are doing necessary maintenance. If you choose this option, make sure you have your tools ready and can get right to work on whatever it is that you need to do.

Find your main water supply to the house and turn it off. This will stop water from flowing into your water softener system and into your house. Just like with step number two, you will need to turn the main water supply valve clockwise to stop the water from flowing to your house.

One of the four above options should allow you to bypass your water softener and stop the flow of water to it. To restart the flow of water, just reverse the steps. For more information on water treatment options, visit a company like Northern Water Cleaners.