Why You Should Use Hydro Vac Services For Your Trenching Project

Do you need to lay underground cables or perhaps new sewer lines on your property? Many contractors will bring in excavation equipment to trench  a line across your yard. However, traditional trenching isn't your only option. You may want to use a hydro vac service to do the job. Hydro vac services have grown in popularity in recent years because they trench quickly and safely and do little collateral damage.

Before you commit to having your yard torn up with traditional trenching, look into hydro vac trenching:

What is hydro vac trenching?

Hydro vac trenching uses the combination of water and air to make a precise cut in the soil and only trench the exact area that you want trenched. A hydro vac truck has a large hose attached to it. The operator points the hose at the desired area and shoots water, which cuts and loosens the dirt. The truck operator then switches the hose to air power to suck up all of the loose soil.

Why use hydro vac trenching?

There are a few great reasons to use a hydro vac services for your trenching job:

Safety. One of the biggest problems with traditional trenching is the risk of striking and damaging another pipe or cable. The operator of the trencher or excavator can't clearly see what's in the area, so it's very easy to accidentally hit a pipe. A strike to a gas pipe could cause a dangerous leak.

With hydro vac trenching, the truck only removes the dirt. Since the soil is removed by air, there's no chance of a pipe being struck. You can rest assured that the job will be accident-free.

Time. Hydro vac trenching often takes far less time than traditional methods. One of the biggest reasons is that the operator doesn't have to stop intermittently to check for pipes, cables, or other blockages in the trenching area. Rather, the operator can just get the job done without worrying about hitting something.

Convenience. When you trench traditionally, the removed dirt is usually sat aside in your yard. You either have to pay someone to remove it or discard it yourself. With a hydro vac, the dirt is sucked into the truck. They then haul the dirt away and dispose of it for you. You're not left with any mess to clean. 

For more information on whether hydro vac may work for you, contact a trenching company in your area that specializes in hydro vac work. They can review your needs and advise on whether hydro vac is a good solution. Contact a company like Triple P Sanitation 1998 Ltd hydro vac for more help.